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You write. We edit.

You’ve written the book, let us worry about getting it ready to publish. Our editing services will give you the time you need to focus on every other part of your book’s launch.

How It Works

1.    Click below to request your FREE quote.

2.     Choose your services so we know how to serve you.

3.     Upload your manuscript and give us the deets on your book.

4.     You relax while we work our magic.

Connie , O.

“Listen, I didn't know how to move onto the next step with my book when a mutual friend referred me to Laquana. From our first talk, she made me feel at ease and stress free. I told her what I needed and she said "I got you." She gave me advice and assured me that my next book would be easier. I appreciate her, not only for the flawless editing, but also for her professionalism, encouragement, and honesty."

Bryant, L.

"Laquana is highly professional with great prices. She's flexible and very informative while providing great services."

Become an Author without lifting a finger.


Anything is possible with a glass of wine and a great story including you adding author to you list of titles. Swirl your glass and smell the aromas of a fully written book with your name on it. You don’t even have to lift a finger. And, you want to know the best part? You keep all rights to your work and no one will even know we wrote it. 


1.     Topic clarification questionnaire 

2.     Detailed outline 

3.     An authentic book in your preferred genre

4.     Two rounds of revisions

5.     Proper editing and formatting

Ready to hold your bestselling book in 90 days or less? Submit an inquiry through the portal below.

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