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Developmental Editing:
This is content editing. Focuses on fact checking references of areas/locations to ensure accuracy as well as focus on your grammar and cohesion. 

Copyediting: (Recommended)

This is micro editing. Here we are focusing on your grammar, flow for the story, and structure.


During a proofread, your manuscript will be read to ensure you remain consistent in your work. Also focus on format and layout.

Query Letter Editing:
I will read your query letter and give you thorough query editing notes on voice, tone, content, presentation, and more. I’ll also share my thoughts on your story idea and its chances in the market. A great book starts with a great premise. I will let you know whether or not your story idea–as presented in your query–has the right stuff to stand out in the slush. Query letter editing can be your magic bullet.

Manuscript Editing

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